Before installing Sapient, it's important that your building occupants are made aware of what the system is, and how it will work. Properly communicating the installation of Sapient with occupants has many benefits, including:

  • On installation days, occupant disturbance will be minimized
  • Occupants will be less likely to unplug and/or move Sapient devices
  • Occupants will help you achieve your sustainability goals when they understand the positive impact their usage of Sapient has on the environment.

Preparing for Installation

We've written a template message we recommend you send to all of your building occupants ahead of an installation. Feel free to copy-paste.

We would like to announce that [Company Name]/[We] have partnered with a technology called Sapient in order to eliminate wasted energy and reduce our carbon footprint. Sapient is a technology that will manage all of the plugged-in devices in the building, and will help turn those devices off after-hours.

On [Installation Date 1] through [Installation Date 2], several Sapient technicians will be on site installing intelligent power strips and plugs under desks, in conference rooms, common areas, and elsewhere throughout the building. We ask that you please be prepared for your equipment to be unplugged momentarily while the power strips are installed. Sapient technicians *will plug them back in and power them back on* before moving on to the next location.

Each individual socket on each of the Sapient devices can have a custom schedule assigned for when it should power on and off every day to ensure we aren't wasting energy. The system is intelligent enough to sense what is plugged in, so you do not need to worry about sensitive equipment being turned off unexpectedly. Click here to learn more about how the system works.

[Optional] After installing the system and allowing it to learn when devices should be powered off, we will begin allowing the system to turn off certain equipment after hours. If you would like to help the system learn when this should occur, you may submit specific times you would like the system to be aware of here: [Occupant Personal Schedule Survey Link].


  • Will the entire power strip turn off or is each individual socket controllable? Each individual socket can have its own schedule.
  • What if I need to power my equipment after-hours? Next to each socket is a button. Pressing the button will turn on power and eliminate an LED indicating power is ON.
  • Can I unplug my equipment and plug something new in? Yes; however, if there is a schedule applied to that socket, your equipment may be turned off.

Thank you for helping us building reduce our carbon footprint!


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