Before installing Sapient, remember to announce its installation to your occupants, telling them what the system is and how it works.

If you educate your occupants about Sapient,

  • Your occupants will help you achieve your sustainability goals

  • Your occupants will be less likely to unplug and/or move a Sapient device

  • On installation days, occupant disturbance will be minimized

We recommend sending a message similar to the one below to your building occupants ahead of the installation of Sapient. Feel free to adapt the template to your needs!

💡 We also have a pre-built custom web page in which you can include a message from your company, sharing it with your occupants via a URL. Reach out to us for more information!

Dear [occupant],

We are happy to announce that [Company Name]/[we] [has/have] partnered with Sapient, a technology created to eliminate wasted energy and reduce our carbon footprint.

Through the installation of intelligent power strips and plugs, the Sapient system will be able to optimize the energy consumed by all the plugged-in devices in the facility, automatically turning devices off after-hours. Each individual socket will have a custom schedule assigned, determining when the socket is receiving power.

The Sapient system is intelligent enough to sense what is plugged in (such as a TV, laptop, or PC) so you do not need to worry about sensitive equipment being turned off unexpectedly. The Sapient devices must not be unplugged or moved from where they are initially plugged in.

You can learn more about how Sapient works here.

On [Installation Date 1] through [Installation Date 2], several Sapient technicians will be on-site, installing intelligent power strips and plugs under desks in conference rooms, common areas, and elsewhere throughout the building. Please, be prepared for your equipment to be unplugged momentarily while the power strips are installed.

[Optional] The system is intelligent enough to notice when your equipment is being unused, optimizing when to turn off your equipment. However, you can customize your workstation's specific schedule here.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What if I need to turn on my equipment after-hours? There is a button next to every socket. Pressing the button will turn the power back on anytime.

  • Can I unplug my equipment and plug something new in? Yes. However, remember— if there is a schedule applied to that socket, it will be turned off periodically.

  • Will the entire power strip turn off at the same time? No. Every individual socket can have its own schedule.

Thank you for helping reduce our carbon footprint!



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